Welcome Katrina Trading Company P/L

Our "QWC" / "Quality Winter Clothing" / "Quality Waterproof Clothing" / "Quality Work Clothing" / "Quality Rainwear" labels appear on many different garments offered by many different distributors.


Katrina Trading Company has been established since 1975 supplying jackets and rainwear to the wholesale trade and government departments.

JACKETS in sizes VS – 8XL
RAINWEAR in sizes S – 8XL
Available Ex-Stock all year round.

Katrina Trading Company are importers and stockist's of garments manufactured to our specifications or yours.
If you can not find a garment that is exactly what you require in our range, specially from a Technical garment standpoint, please email us with your requirement and let us run it past our Technical Department as we may already either know where you can get that product or we can possibly make it for you (assuming that you require enough units to make a production run stack up for you).

For example:
(A) I require Red, High Visibility, Anti-Static, Flame Retardant, with High Standard Breathable & Waterproof Jackets that meet all appropriate Australian and or International Standards and have a requirement for 800 – 1,000 units. The answer is Yes it can easily be arranged by us.
(B) I require Pink, High Visibility Jackets to Australian and or International High Visibility Standards and have a requirement for 1 piece. The answer is: “Unfortunately we can not help as quantity too small for production run, unless we are already aware of a product that exists and as part of our normal Trade referral service we will pass on the supplier of this product to you!”

Stock range uses cover:
Anti-static jackets, Industrial jackets, Jackets, Parka's, Uniform jackets, Work jackets and Rainwear.
High Visibility Clothing in each category: Day, Night and Day/Night: Tested To High Visibility Standards.